Annual Report
“KOMOS GROUP” head office in Izhevsk

In 2013 our Company focused on competitive position strengthening, cost management and operating efficiency improving within the prevailing severe market condition after the entrance of country in WTO. We realized that we worked for the prospects and that the result of the work was a matter of time. We invested in milk, meat and poultry processing, thereby we grew our goods share with high added value. We also fortified our positions in Perm region by Krasnokamsky meat processing plant launching. In 2013 we paid special attention to our goods delivery for consumers: we ran the region largest dairy products logistic center and launched egg-marshalling logistic center.

In 2015 we proceeded to contribute to government target of import substitution by means of assortment broadening and presence expansion in all the price segments. We try to increase production capacity for innovative packaged products. All these factors will help us in further geographic reach expansion and food security supporting.

Tactic tools for achieving our objectives

A balanced increase in production and processing capacity and increased efficiency of all manufacturing processes.

Optimized utilization of investment resources for implementation of our strategy.

Corporate policy
Taking measures aimed at increasing KOMOS GROUP shareholder value.

Project management
Implementing the main principles of project management, while completing strategically relevant tasks.

HR policy
Common corporate standards of HR management and development of employee potential.

Our strategic strengths

  • Management system based on international standards of quality and project management
  • Significant investments in business expansion
  • Diversified business portfolio
  • Brand loyalty among consumers
  • Business reputation