Annual Report
  • “KOMOS GROUP” LLC headquartered in Moscow.
  • “MILKOM” JSC stockholding consolidation.
  • Front and engineering design development for an advanced ice-cream plant as a part of Permsky khladokombinat “Sozvezdie” JSC .
  • Consolidation of “OMNI” LLC and Trading house “Udmurtsky Khladokombinat Ice Vita” LLC.
  • Accomplishment of “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC, “Glazov-moloko” JSC, “Sarapul-moloko” JSC, and “MILKOM” JSC consolidation.
  • Udmurtsky khladokombinat “Ice Vita” JSC, “Permsky khladokombinat “Sozvezdie” JSC, Trading house “Udmurtsky Khladokombinat Ice Vita” LLC and “OMNI” LLC delegated the authority of sole executive body to “KOMOS GROUP” LLC.
  • “Izhmoloko” JSC was renamed “MILKOM” JSC.
  • Launch of consolidation of milk processing plants into “Milkom” LLC.
  • Opening of “Krasnokamsky meet processing plant” a branch of “Vostochny” LLC.
  • Acquisition of “Udmurtsky khladokombinat “Icevita” JSC and “Permsky khladokombinat “Sozvezdie” JSC.
  • Consolidation of “Glazovskaya poultry plant” LLC and “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” LLC.
  • Consolidation of “Izhevskaya poultry plant” LLC, “Votkinskaya poultry plant” LLC and “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC.
  • Launch of the projects aimed at creation of a common transportation company and a milk trading company “Milkom”.
  • Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, highly appreciated the project of a turnkey meat processing company.
  • Acquisition of “Mendeleevskaya poultry plant” JSC.
  • Acquisition of the controlling interest in “Vostochny” JSC, “Izhevskaya poultry plant” JSC, “Varaksino poultry plant” JSC, and “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” JSC.
  • Acquisition of a controlling stake in “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC.
  • “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC transferred the sole executive authority to KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • BDO Unicon submitted its audit report regarding KOMOS GROUP’s consolidated financial statements (IFRS, 2007-2008).
  • Acquisition of the controlling stakes in “Izhmoloko” CJSC and “Vostochny” JSC.
  • All member companies (with the exception of “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC) transferred the sole executive authority to KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • KOMOS GROUP LLC issued its debut bonds totaling 2 billion rubles.
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers report resulted in KOMOS GROUP’s comprehensive diagnostics and business portfolio analysis.
  • Retained BDO Unicon for audit of the consolidated financial statements (IFRS, 2007-2008).
  • Acquisition of blocks of shares in the five poultry plants located in the Udmurt Republic.
  • Purchase of shares in the following dairy plants: “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC, “Glazov-moloko” JSC, “Sarapul-moloko” JSC, “Karakulino-moloko” JSC.
  • Agribusiness assets of “Udmurtnefteproduct” JSC were converted into KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • Acquisition of the first block of shares in “Izhmoloko” CJSC, one of the largest dairy producers in the Udmurt Republic.
  • Acquisition of “Kigbaevsky”, a pig farming enterprise already under bankruptcy.
  • KOMOS GROUP was founded as a wholesale branch of “Udmurtnefteproduct” JSC. The company was once called “Trading Company “Udmurtnefteproduct” LLC.
  • Acquisition of “Glazovsky feed mill” LLC. The rate of capacity utilization was rather low at that time (about 20%).