Annual Report


Goods of “KOMOS GROUP” were honored with “100 Russian best goods” awards
Four plants of “KOMOS GROUP” became a winner within the all-Russian contest “100 Russian best goods-2013”. Goods of manufacturing areas “Glazov-moloko” “Kezsky cheese factory” of MILKOM JSC, “Udmurtskaya Poultry plant” LLC, “Vostochny “LLC, “Varaksino” LLC were honored with 8 gold and 14 silver medals in “Provisions” nomination. The staff of these enterprises was granted with “Excellent quality” medal for weighty contribution to high quality food elaboration and production.

“Udmurtskaya Poultry Plant” carries out complex water and wastewater treatment facility reconstruction
“Udmurtskaya Poultry Plant” LLC headed by “KOMOS GROUP” LLC obtained “Nijhuis Water Technology” equipment (Holland). The equipment was purchased for water and wastewater treatment facilities. Total amount of investment will be 235 million rubles.


Enterprises of KOMOS GROUP for the first time took part in “PRODEKSPO-2014” exhibition
MILKOM and “Varaksino poultry plant” headed by KOMOS GROUP got involved with 21st international food, beverage and its primary goods exhibition “Prodekspo-2014”. “MILKOM” showed natural milk products in innovative packing: “Ecolean”, “Darfresh”, flowpack, PET-bottle. “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC and “MILKOM” JSC presented Private Label production ability.

Products of KOMOS GROUP won gold and silver medals at the “Udmurt Label-2013” contest
Products of “MILKOM” JSC, “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” LLC was recognized the best at the republic contest “Udmurt brand-2013”. MILKOM launched cottage cheese under “Selo zelenoe” trademark production at the manufacturing area “Glazov-moloko”, the company also launched fermented diary food production in ecofriendly pack “Ecolean” at the manufacturing area “Kezsky cheese factory”. Both novelties were marked with domlomas and silver medals of “Udmurt brand”. Besides MILKOM took up milk products PET-bottling at the manufacturing area “Izhmoloko”, the company expanded brand “Toptyzhka” assortment at “Sarapul-moloko”. This job was marked with two gold medals and diplomas.

Glazovsky feed mill won the innovation contest
Glazovsky feed mill won the VII contest “Feed mill industry innovation” and walked away with top-prize – grand prix – nomination for “Feed compound production equipment and technology ” for the project “Biosafety system in compound feed production”. The contest was held within the 19th International special commercial and industrial exhibition “Grain–Feed compound–Veterinary science–2014 ” (Moscow).


“KOMOS GROUP” LLC headquartered in Moscow
On the 5th of March 2014 the sole member “KOMOS GROUP” LLC made a decision on location change (de jure address) for “KOMOS GROUP” Limited Liability Company. The new location address is 127018, Moscow, 9 Oktyabrsky lane. Izevsk office of “KOMOS GROUP” LLC operates in the city of Izhevsk.

The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” held the VI Winter Spartakiada Games
16 teams of enterprises headed by “KOMOS GROUP” LLC from Udmurtia and Perm region took part in the VI Winter Spartakiada Games.


Eggs under the brand “Selo zelenoe” won the audience voting in “Test purchase” show
TV show “Test purchase” of the “Channel 1st” bought 1st grade eggs, including “Selo zelenoe” eggs of “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC. The egg of Varaksino won the audience voting. Experts approved high quality of “Selo zelenoe” eggs.

The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” sent humanitarian aid to Crimea
The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” sent humanitarian aid to the Republic of Crimea: non-perishable foods (canned meats of “Vostochny” LLC, ultra--heat-treated milk of “MILKOM” JSC).

“Glazov-moloko” of “MILKOM” JSC launched new sour crème production line
New line “PACK LINE” (Israel) for sour crème production of extended expiry date with no preservatives was installed at the manufacturing area “Glazov-moloko” of “MILKOM” JSC. The cost of the project totaled 20 million rubles.

Food of Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” was honored with awards of The Head of the Republic of Udmurtia
The top prize for “Food Products” went to “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” LLC. The second-degree diploma went to “Kezsky cheese factory” of “MILKOM” JSC, the third-degree diploma went to “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC and “Vostochny” LLC.

“Sarapul-moloko” gained International Food Safety Certificate
Manufacturing area “Sarapul-moloko” of “MILKOM” JSC gained Food Safety System and FSSC 22000 requirements Certification, approved by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).


“MILKOM” JSC became the best investor of the Republic of Udmurtia in 2013
“MILKOM” JSC was voted the best investor of the Republic of Udmurtia in agricultural sphere in 2013. 500 million rubles were invested in milk plants reconstruction: automated logistic complex was found at the manufacturing area “Sarapul-moloko”, three other manufacturing areas were introduced with new technology, which allowed to produce milk products of extended expiry date.

Glazovsky feed mill held the XXI scientific conference
Glazovsky feed mill held the scientific conference “Scientific approach to poultry feeding and housing”. Representatives of the field from 18 Russian regions took part in the conference.


Milk products of the Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” won butter- and cheese making contest
Manufacturing areas “Glazov-moloko” and “Kezsky cheese factory” of “MILKOM” JSC won the quality contest for milk and lactiferous products. The contest was held in the context of The International cheese and butter making week in Uglich. 142 samples of products participated in the contest.


Nikolay Fedorov – The Minister of Agriculture in Russian Federation visited “MILKOM” JSC
On the 11th of July the Minister of Agriculture in Russian Federation Nikolay Fedorov visited the Republic of Udmurtia. During the visit he attended manufacturing area “Izhmoloko” of “MILKOM” JSC. Nilokay Fedorov tasted products of republican enterprises. He noted excellent quality and palatability of milk products. Besides the Minister thanked Agricultural holding “KOMOS GROUP” for perfect present of milk products in other parts of the country.

Breeding animals of Agricultural holding “KOMOS GROUP” won the champion title of the republican agricultural exhibition
White breeding pig of “Kigbaevsky bacon” LLC became supreme champion at the farm animal and poultry exhibition in the Udmurt Republic. White breeding pigs, Yorkshire, Landras and Durock, breeding pigs and rearing boar swine of “Vostochny” LLC won the title. Chickens of Loman Brown Classic cross of “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC won the title as well.

Speakers the Ministry of Agriculture of RF visited the enterprises of the Holding Company
The Head of the breeding and pedigree Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of RF Vladimir Labinov visited enterprises of the agricultural holding “KOMOS GROUP”, where he learnt the investment project activity course, poultry welfare and progress in livestock pig breeding. The Head of the Department for agro food market, food and pharmaceutical processing sectors regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture of RF Mikhail Orlov visited “KOMOS GROUP”. He attended manufacturing area “Sarapul-moloko” of “MILKOM” JSC, where he learnt UHT-milk production, including milk that goes to schools of the Republic of Udmurtia within the program “School milk”. Mikhail Orlov also visited “Udmurtsky khladokombinat” JSC where he learnt logistic complex construction project. At Votkinsky branch of Varaksino poultry plant Mikhail Orlov called on plant canteen and learnt the list of products offered by the Holding Company within the social catering project

“KOMO SGROUP” LLC duly met its obligations regarding the 2nd bonds issue
On the 17 of July fully met its obligations regarding the 2nd bonds issue total 712 million rubles.


The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” took up the feed mill and grain-elevator in Bashkiria purchase procedure
The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” took up the feed mill and grain-elevator purchase procedure in Yanaul, Republic of Bashkortostan. The power of the mill allows to produce over 70 000 tons of compound feed per year. Grain-elevator capacity is 45 000 tons. The new areas allow to take and to load up to 2 000 tons of grain.

The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” sent humanitarian aid to refugee from Ukraine
Humanitarian aid for refugee from Ukraine was sent to those located in the Republic of Udmurtia. Food of extended storage period (UHT-milk of “MILKOM” JSC and canned meat of “Vostochny” LLC) was sent to the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response in Udmurt Republic. The staff of “KOMOS GROUP” sent clothes, foot wear, bed linen, household chemical and personal care goods .

The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” held the VII Summer Spartakiada Games
Summer stage of the VII Spartakiada Games in “KOMOS GROUP” took place in Glazov. 14 teams from Udmurtia and Perm region took part in it. Sportsmen competed in mini-football, athletics, darts, tug of war, shooting and swimming. 200 people passed GTO.


Mikhail Babich expressed thanks to “KOMOS GROUP” for fulfillment promises concerning financing of Votkinsk military school building
The envoy from the President of the Russian Federation in Volga federal district Mikhail Babich inspected building of Udmurt military school named after the Hero of the Soviet Union V.G. Starikov in Votkinsk. This is one of four district military schools, that participates in the project “KaDetstvo”, carried out in VFD at the initiative of Mikhail Babich. The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” assumed financing of building the new living pavilion for Votkinsk cadets. Mikhail Babich expressed thanks to “KOMOS GROUP” for fulfillment promises concerning this project.

“MILKOM” JSC launched pilot novelties production line
“MILKOM” JSC installed novelties developing line at the manufacturing area “Izhmoloko”. Integrated line of “OMVE” (Netherlands) reproduces all the process of milk processing. It is able to produce yoghurt, milk cocktails, curd products, puddings and other milk products in dependence of program chosen. The line allows to handle full cycle of novelties production at minimum costs.


The Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” opened product quality “hotline”
“KOMOS GROUP” launched new service for the client – product (produced by the Holding Company) quality hotline. All the comments about the product quality are taken by free hotline, e-mail and company website, and then they are sent to the quality control units of the enterprises for further solutions.

Milk products of “MILKOM” JSC are awarded with the “DIKSI-forum-2014” diploma
Every year “DIKSI” company gathers the largest Russian and foreign manufacturers to point out the best food and convenience goods suppliers. Within the limits of the forum “MILKOM” was awarded with the diploma for the largest amount of products appreciation.

“Glazovsky feed mill” held conference on industrial pig farming
“Glazovsky feed mill” held the XXII scientific conference “High technology of feeding, housing and veterinary welfare in industrial pig farming”. More than 100 participants – pig farms experts, scientists of Russian universities, representatives of the leading food supplements and veterinary mixtures production enterprises from Russia and Europe (Germany, Serbia, and Lithuania, and other).


“Cargill” and “KOMOS GROUP” agreed on widen cooperation
CEO “Cargill” James Alexandr Dolinchyuk visited “KOMOS GROUP”. The main purpose of the visit was broadening of cooperation between Cargill and “KOMOS GROUP”. Meetings was held at “Vostochny” LLC, at “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC. James Dolinchyuk emphasized that “Cargill” focused on Russian agricultural industry enlargement. The best proof for it is cooperation with “KOMOS GROUP”, the enterprises of which increases production volume annualy.

“Krasnokamsky meet processing plant” obtained the third compartment
To determine zoosanitary status (compartment) at “Krasnokamsky meet processing plant”, the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Monitoring Service Administration in Perm region in cooperation with State Veterinary inspectorate of the perm region, inspected the plant. Report on the inspection “Krasnokamsky meet processing plant” was issued a decision and the 3rd compartment: all the sanitary demands were met, conditions precluding contagion for the human and animal were observed.

Enterprises of the Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” presented their products at the “Products and packs” exhibition in Perm
Five enterprises of the Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” participated at the interregional exhibition “Products and packs-2014” in Perm, they were: Permsky khladokombinat “Sozvezdie” JSC, Krasnokamsky meat processing plant a branch of Vostochny LLC, “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC, “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” LLC and “MILKOM” JSC.

“KOMOS GROUP” LLC was recognized as “The Employer of Choice-2014”
As a result of a thorough research of Russian employers awarded “KOMOS GROUP” LLC with the status of “The Employer of Choice 2014”. “KOMOS GROUP” LLC is awarded with this status 4 years running, that indicates the Company’s credibility.


Logistic complex is launched at the “Varaksino poultry plant”
Over 250 million rubles were invested in the project. Maximum automation allows sorting and packing up to 1.9 million eggs per shift. Shed products storage capacity is more than 9 million eggs. Alexander Solovyov – the head of the Republic of Udmurtia – participated at the unveiling. He mentioned that “Varaksino poultry plant” and all the other enterprises of the Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” were rather significant for the Republic of Udmurtia. “People have job and get their guaranteed wages, the budget of the Republic of Udmurtia gets tax liabilities. These are our people and we are going to make every effort for them to work” – Alexander Solovyov claimed.

CEO “KOMOS GROUP” LLC Andrey Shutov represented the Republic of Udmurtia at the Foundation for Civil society institution Council session in VFD
The session was held in Moscow under the chairmanship of Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich. Participants summarized socially significant project realization in the sphere of patriotic and moral education of youth. One of such projects – living pavilion building for the Udmurt military school after the Hero of the Soviet Union V.G. Starikov in Votkinsk – is financed by “KOMOS GROUP” LLC.

Web store of the “Trading Company” was recognized one of the best in runet
Web store for wholesale and small-scale wholesale, which was launched in summer 2013 by “Trading Company” a branch of “KOMOS GROUP” LLC, won “Gold website” contest. This is the key and the longest-standing contest for internet-projects within the runet. An independent jury of the contest has been presented the Gold Cyber Master statuette for the most respectable projects since 1997. The number of monthly applications has increased from 135 to 500 during 1.5 years of web store functioning. Monthly sales volume has grown from 2.8 to 4.2 million rubles.