Annual Report

As a part of government target of import substitution we develop production, by investing in technology and increasing the efficiency.

Thus improvement of poultry welfare and feeding technologies allowed “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” reducing production costs for hatching eggs and input costs for poultry meet, shortening feeding terms. In 2014 Division “Poultry farming and poultry meat processing” increased broiler poultry meat production volume by 7% and compound feed production volume by 30%.

By means of poultry meat processing developing we accomplished slaughter and processing house reconstruction, increased production capacity for meat delicacies twofold. We also accomplished manufacture preparation for prefabricated poultry for infants input with production volume 10 tons of prepared food per month.

In order to increase profitability of the segment we optimized the assortment, taking in account the demand of prominent commercial networks. In 2014 “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” expanded the “Ready to cook” assortment, launched food in Doypack and sausages of fixed weight manufacturing. At the same time we extended sales proportion of cooled foods from 33% to 49% and we are planning to make it 70% from the total sales amount.

In 2015 the poultry plant will continue modernization and will start reconstruction project for 15 boxes. It will allow increasing poultry meat production volume up to 52 tons by 2017.

We also are going to finalize one of the most important projects on complex water and wastewater treatment facilities reconstruction and to start project developing for modern technology for excrement recovery implementation.

In 2014 ”Poultry farming and poultry meat processing” implemented investment project to increase delicacies production capacity at “Udmurtskaya poultry plant”


60 000
50 000
40 000
30 000
20 000
10 000

Own compound feed production is one of competitive advantage of the division: “Glazovsky feed mill” delivers 40% of compound feed to the enterprises of “KOMOS GROUP”. At the same time the mill sales its production in 27 regions of the Russian Federation. The quality of our compound feed meets rigid requirements of the leading agricultural holding companies of Russia: in 2014 the mill was Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point certified. It let the enterprise to expand the market, by launching Protein Vitamin-Mineral Concentrate production under the Private Label of several international companies. We kept on dealer system developing: designated representatives of the mill came into operation in Kirov and Perm region.

We engrossed the share of high-tech and profitable compound feeds for the growing stock and Protein Vitamin-Mineral Concentrate. Expansion-granulation line modernization and multicomponent micro-dosing and mixing system installation upgraded compound feeds and increased machine capacity.

In 2015 we are going to set to work on reconstruction of soybean extruding line, which will enlarge soybean production volume three times and will cover all the needs for this important component.

In 2014 the Agricultural Holding Company “KOMOS GROUP” purchased Yanaulsky complex (feed mill of production capacity 70 thousand tons of the compound feed per year and grain-elevator of 45 thousand tons capacity) in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The new area will give the opportunity to accept and load up to 2 thousand tons of grain.


Indicator 200920102011201220132014
Sales revenue, million rubles 3 6364 4394 6304 9015 4687 035
Net profit, million rubles 4033576254129417*
Net assets, million rubles 8021 0541 1801 2081 1401 261
EBITDA, million rubles 4728016148067661 035
EBITDA, % 131813,316,41414,7
* Index fluctuation is conditioned upon grain cost increase and sales price reduction


Poultry (live weight), tonnes
24 760
28 054
32 686
33 860
37 101
39 936
41 490