Annual Report

In 2014 we made another important step towards modern logistics of the Holding Company. We launched egg-sorting logistic complex at “Varaksino” poultry plant.

ВIn 2014 we completed the egg-sorting logistic complex project at “Varaksino” poultry plant LLC. The complex has over 5000 m2 area, it is equipped with high efficiency egg-sorting machines, automate thermo packaging line and warehouse management system – all these allows to sort and pack up to 1.9 million eggs per shift. The warehouse holds more than 9 million eggs. Total amount of the investment is 250 million rubles.

Transport Company “KOMOS-Logistics” totally covers internal vehicles demands and at the same time cooperates with eternal clients throughout Russia. For today the Company has 59 commercial vehicles of 1 130 tons total capacity.

Logistic complex at “Varaksino” Poultry plant”