Annual Report

We constantly manage “KOMOS GROUP” brand portfolio development. We consider main market trends. We create and promote our federal and regional brands, staking on up-to-date format and packaging.

The most promising federal and regional brands are “Selo Zelenoe” (dairy products, eggs), “Toptyzhka” (dairy products for kids), “Molochnaya Rechka” (dairy products), “Retro” (plombières ice-cream), “Angelato” (ice-cream), “Rybatskie bayki” (fish products).

In harmony with nature

Mid-range segment federal brand of dairy products. In 2012 the Forbes listed “Selo Zelenoe” brand in the top 10 most successful Russian startup brands. The product variety includes UHT and “fresh” dairy products, such as “Tradicionnoe” butter fat mass fraction 82.5%, short cottage-cheese of saved grain structure of fat 9% and 5% and skim. The cottage cheese has 3-joint pack with protective atmosphere. In 2014 3.2% fat milk was produced in PET-bottle 2kilos volume (family format), we also produced 15% and 20% fat sour crème in plastic cup.

Since 2012 this brand’s product variety includes 10-egg packages. Sales volume of the brand “Selo Zelenoe” grew twice: from 11.5 million eggs in 2013 to 22.1 million eggs in 2014.

“Grow with “Toptyzhka”!

Mid-range segment federal brand of dairy products for kids since 2002. UHT-milk, milk shakes, chocolate-glazed crème cheese, crème cheese mix, yoghurts and ice-cream are in the product variety of the brand.
The bestseller is UHT vitamin milk, recommended for kids from 3 years. Since 2006 the product is included to the national program “School milk”, all the students from 1 to 5 forms in Udmurtia every day get 200g packed milk.
In 2014 we made rebranding, as a result the main character is 3D bear, which is really loved by modern kids.

“Molochnaya Rechka”
Delicious care of loved ones.

Regional brand “Molochnaya Rechka” is known since 2006. The assortment includes over 10 items of classic dairy products of low and mid-price segment. The bestseller is UHT TBA-packed milk. The brand is oriented towards federal market, where up-to date packed products are in-demand.

The taste of childhood!

Federal ice-cream brand of “medium+” segment was introduced in the market in 2014/ “Retro” brand ice-cream is produced in accordance with traditional recipe from Whole Milk and sweet butter. Fat weight fraction is 18%, which gives natural cream flavour, like in the childhood. The pack design concept holds to Soviet style that is associated with classic stick ice-cream-bar. 450g family-size ice-cream in paper pack is also included into the brand assortments.

True Italian gelato!

“Angelato” - federal ice-cream brand of premium price segment. Famous Italian desserts are the base of the recipes. “Angelato” – is handmade manufacturing, especial components and perfect quality control. The variety of products includes: “Latte Macchiato with Amaretto toping”, “Brownie Pistachio with chocolate toping”, “Strawberry cheesecake”, “Cappuccino Italian caramel”, “Tiramisu”. In 2015 we want to enlarge the assortment of “Angelato” brand: we are going to produce Strawberry sorbet and portion ice-cream in dessert bowls with chocolate. Caramel and milk flowers.

“Dream fish!”

New mid-range segment federal brand of fish products. The brand was successfully restyled in the end of 2012. “Greenly Herring”, “Marinated herring”, mackerel, humpback salmon in various dressing, cold- and hot-smoked fish, dried fish and delicacies.