Annual Report

KOMOS GROUP team – is the core value. We rate high each and every team member and aspire to create conditions for the personnel’s growth and potential development along with KOMOS GROUP.

We create jobs and decent working conditions within KOMOS GROUP’s presence regions: The Udmurt Republic, Perm Region and Bashkortostan Republic. Average headcount of staff is 11.2 thousand people.

Age structure of KOMOS GROUP is balanced by categories. Under 30 years of age is 21% of the personnel – we attract young people by the opportunity of career growth and training. Average age of the personnel in 2014 is 39.1. 73% of the personnel are labors, 8% are senior management. Staff turnover in 2014 is 3.6%. Such a low staff turnover level shows high loyalty of the personnel towards the Company, steady and safe reputation of the employer.

Average headcount, thousand person
Age of employee
upward 45
up to 30
30 - 34
35 - 39
40 - 44

The major HR-policy points of KOMOS:

  • the best specialist attraction;
  • permanent education and key competence improvement;
  • working leisure places equipment;
  • labor productivity improvement;
  • fair wage system;
  • branch-wise competitive wages.

Average Company monthly earnings in 2014 totaled 23.4 thousand rubles.

The best performers are awarded a bonus; they are also singled out for the state awards. Thus in 2014 more than 160 members of staff were awarded by the state, 68 members of staff were awarded with Certificates of Honour and Gratitude entering on Board of Honour, corporate plaque (gold and silver). Over 100 members of staff were awarded resulting the corporate contests “The best in the occupation”. More than 200 members of staff were awarded in “Spartakiada games of KOMOS GROUP”; 160 members of staff got KOMOS-GTO plaques (gold, silver and bronze).

Wage level, rubles
17 437
25 043
23 422
Average salary
for the branch
of farming in
Udmurt republic
Average salary
for the branch
of farming
in Russia
Average salary
Training costs, million rubles

KOMOS GROUP devotes great attention to motivation raise for the members of the staff. The company meets the staff demands for education, trainings at high rate development standards. We also attract the leading Russian experts and consultants of great experience. The staff training expenses in 2014 totaled 10.8 million rubles; more than half of the sum was channeled for developing trainings.

We pile into training of our personnel. We are going to spend more than 24 million rubles on trainings in 2015.

KOMOS GROUP manages attractive employer image cultivation; we also increase loyalty among students of universities and other educational institutions. Over 300 students served internship at the enterprises of the KOMOS GROUP. 4 years in a run KOMOS GROUP is recognized as the “Employer of choice-2014” by the largest HR-web-site – SuperJob.

Social security system of the staff, convenient and comfortable working and leisure conditions are the top-priority goals of HR-policy of KOMOS GROUP. In 2014 we spent over 40 million rubles on important social issues.

There are social security programs at the enterprises of KOMOS GROUP:

  • free pass to workplace and back for employees;
  • subsidized meals, convenient leisure and dining places;
  • sanatorium-and-spa and rehabilitation treatments;
  • voluntary medical insurance of the employees, recompense expensive therapy;
  • compensation for activities at sports clubs and fitness clubs;
  • sport and cultural activities for employees;
  • New Year and the Beginning of the school year gifts and encouragement for children of employees, children’s camps costs compensation;
  • financial assistance at high-profile and sorrowful events;
  • social support for the retired employees;
  • support to demobilize from Military forces of the RF;
  • support in housing questions (renting compensation, free accommodation at rural zones, assistance in drawing upon the loans, participation in state-run programs).

45% VMI
30% Sports events
1% Sanatorium-and-spa vouchers
4% Children's camps vouchers
13% Financial rewards for employees
7% Financial rewards for the retried employees

The Company actively assists vulnerable groups. In 2014 we spent 5.7 million rubles on external social responsibility group. Staff members of KOMOS GROUP regular visit orphanages and residential treatment centers for infancies with master-classes, gifts and games. The Company also devotes much attention to children of the staff members. Annually we hold contests and events on the occasion of Children’s day, Day of Knowledge - September 1 and New Year. Creative contests (drawing contests, hand-made contests, and so on) have become a regular fixture; each and every participant receives gifts. In 2014 10 247 children got New Year gifts, Children’s Day’s gifts and gifts for the Day of Knowledge - September 1.

million rubles
Assistance, gifts
and events for kids
million rubles
Assistance, gifts
and events for veterans

The Company cares of ex-staff members, veterans of war, labour and honoured back areas veterans. We hold events and visits for The Day of the Elderly, May 9 Victory Day and The Company’s Day. In 2014 over 1000 people got presents and rewards. The Company appropriated more than 1.5 MRUB for the veterans support.